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Slovakia's location has resulted in it being used as an important transportation crossroads since ancient times and it is currently home to Volkswagen Slovakia, PSA Peugeot Citroën Slovakia and KIA Motors Slovakia. It is ranked high among other countries in terms of the per capita car production and is also home to the production of a unique, hand-crafted and ferocious, the Attack roadster. 

Slovakia can also be proud of its motor sports tradition with legends such as Ondrej Dobrota, Marián Rajnoha, Marián Határ, Jirko Malchárek, Pavel Jurkovič and Peter Baláž. Motorbike celebrities such as Srna and Kročka, have now been joined by two other riders, who have successfully represented Slovakia in the Paris-Dakar Rally in recent years, Jaroslav Katriňák and Ivan Jakeš. 

These drivers and riders are sure to be followed by a generation of young talents for whom the track represents the perfect opportunity for race training and competition. SLOVAKIA RING began writing the modern history of motor sports in Slovakia. 

SLOVAKIA RING, the first true motor sports complex in Slovakia, was developed in response to the lack of a high quality training and testing facility in Slovakia. Construction and development of the site involved a total of three phases:


1st Phase, October 2008 - May 2010 

  • Speed testing of the track
  • Entrance
  • Maximring restaurant
  • Medical Centre
  • Racing centre - 33 boxes, control tower, training centre, event room, stands and race control
  • Parking for visitors and parking lot for clients
  • Intelligent heat pump-based heating and cooling system
  • Filling station
  • Service

2nd Phase, October 2009 - November 2010 

  • Driving Academy, covering an area of 5 hectares; the first professional Safe Driving Centre in Slovakia, open year-round for all types of vehicles, including trucks, cars and motorcycles
  • Fan shop
  • VIP garages 

 3rd Phase, March 2011 - May 2012  

  • Off-road track, area: 30,800 m2, length: 1,500 m, width: 6 – 8 m. The open grassy and rocky terrain is the perfect place for testing off-road and travel characteristics of the tested vehicles and four-wheelers on man-made impediments. Rentals are also available.
  • Hotel Ring *** has been open since 2011 with 43 double bed rooms and apartments. More at www.hotelring.sk.


Planned activities:  

Karting track, area: 16,000 m2, length: 800 m, width: 6 – 10 m. Paved track for racing karts and motorcycles, located next to the off-road track for use in hosting rally-cross or super moto events. Rentals will be available.