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FIA ETRC Sunday 7.7.2019 VIP

Dates 7. 7. 2019
Price 200.00 €

The truck racing is one of the most favourite international motorsport events. These quality racing monsters definitely belong to the best what the SLOVAKIA RING offers this year. Without a governor, these engines would even reach the speed of 300 km/h. However, also thanks to the contemporary rules, it is very attractive contact sport. It certainly belongs to one of the most attended championships in Europe.  A rich accompanying programme, activities for children, concerts or the stunning truck drives will ensure that the whole families with children will have a lot of fun.

VIP ticket includes:
Access to all open grandstands
Paddock access
Access to the VIP lounge with all-day catering
VIP parking
Entry to the Military museum
Complimentary VIP shuttle bus within the area
GRID WALK – direct access to racetrack/grid shortly before the race start
Podium ceremony access
Note: Once you purchase the VIP ticket online, collect your VIP pass at the Welcome Office on the day of your arrival. The Welcome Office tent will be located on the main road to the circuit (Sunday only).

FIA ETRC  Sunday 7.7.2019 VIP
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