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MOTO Public

MOTO Public

Everyone needs to let the tiger out of the cage from time to time and SLOVAKIA RING is the perfect place to let it run free. We place emphasis on ensuring maximum safety thanks to the run-off zones and a high level of technical safety, which makes our complex the perfect place for you and your motorcycle.

Bring your motorcycle and let it rip on nearly 6 kilometres of quality asphalt under your wheels!

The professional race track is open to anyone during the open track sessions. Current dates for open track sessions are updated continuously in the Calendar.

 In order to increase your safety during open track sessions, you MUST complete the safety and track rules training before your first time out on the track. This obligation applies anytime you drive your own car or motorcycle on the track as well as for the cars we rent to you.

Training is a one-time event. Training is conducted at 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM for daytime open track sessions  and at 5:00 PM for night-time open track sessions.

SLOVAKIA RING AGENCY, s.r.o. reserves the right to change the schedule.

You can learn more about mandatory training HERE 


Drive your own motorcycle, 30 minutes: €20  

Price for training: €20




I. The track is available for use on a daily basis from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM except for a one hour lunch break from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.
II. Every motorcycle must have the lights covered with opaque tape and dismounted mirrors.
III. Every rider must have proper motorcycling apparel with padding and a helmet.

Prices are presented inclusive of VAT.

If you are interested in open track sessions, please contact:

RACE OFFICE – Open track sessions: 
Mobile: +421 917 544 227


Please contact the agency directly if you are interested in using the track when it has been rented out by a racing agency. Contact details are available in the Calendar section.


Do not forget to bring your mandatory rider and motorcycle accessories. Exact specifications can be found in the Operating Rules.

Mandatory training

Safety and track rules training must be completed in order to increase your safety when driving on the track. Training is a one-time event. You receive a license that allows you to use the track once you have completed the training.






Mandatory equipment just makes sense. We'd be happy to rent you a helmet if you do not have your own. 
Helmet rental price: €10.00




Racing balaclava

You can buy a racing balaclava for use under your helmet directly from us, for hygienic purposes. 
Balaclava price: €2.00



A transponder is used to record time. It's the perfect accessory for anyone interested in their lap and race times. Results are available online as well.