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Ariel Atom

Race Taxi is an adrenaline-filled experience of driving on the track as the front-seat passenger in a specially modified sports car with an experienced race car driver at the controls.


Technical parameters

Displacement: 4941 cm3 

Power:  220 kW / 300 k

Motor: 4-stroke turbocharged

Weight: 550 kg

Top speed: 250 km/h

0 - 100 km/h: 2,7 s


Rental conditions:

Price: €180 incl. VAT/3 laps

The number of laps can be increased by purchasing additional sessions.


The price includes helmet rental, track fees, a driver and vehicle operating costs.

The drive itself includes exiting pit row, two laps around the track, including crossing the finish line, and then re-entering pit row.


You can also give this experience in the form of a gift certificate.





RACE OFFICE - Open track sessions:

Mobile: +421 917 544 227