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Two seater Renault Formula

This is the ultimate Race Taxi experience.

Come and experience a ride with a professional driver in our unique two-seater Renault Formula race car. This Formula car was custom built in England to enable you to experience the track as a passenger at full speed as an experienced driver puts the car through its paces around the track. Only a few of these race cars even exist in the world.

Passenger requirements: max. height 190 cm, max. weight 100 kg

Technical details:


Top speed: 255 km/h
0 - 100 km/h: 4 seconds
Weight: 540 kg


Condition of rental:
229,- Eur with VAT / 2 laps

The Price includes operational costs, fuel and entrance fee to the track.

You can purchase this experience also as a GIFT VOUCHER.


Video from the race





RACE OFFICE – Open track sessions: 
 +421 917 544 227