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About the race track

SLOVAKIA RING is a professional and versatile motor sports complex and home of the first national racing circuit with homologation from Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). In addition to top notch motor sports, SLOVAKIA RING gives clients the unique opportunity to hone their driving skills, experience the rush of speeding down the track, perfect their techniques and soak up the excitement and freedom the track offers behind the wheel. Racing teams and agencies now have the ideal facility for organising and hosting top-quality events in all aspects. The complex meets all FIM and FIA criteria for organising and hosting major international motor sports events, thanks to which SLOVAKIA RING has become the site for global motor sports events on an annual basis including: FIA WTCC, FIA GT Series, ADAC GT Masters, the Grand Prix of Slovakia for road cars and the Alpe Adria Championship.

Experienced Austrian architect Hand Roth is behind the complex and is also the creative force behind similar projects in Austria and Hungary. This versatile and professional motor sports complex is the first and only of its kind in Slovakia. 


Licence Slovakia Ring

Circuit Licence FIA
Circuit Licence UEM

Rac parameters

SLOVAKIA RING's parameters make it one of the longest road tracks in Europe. 

The track's technical demands ensure a tremendous challenge for the most experienced drivers while the dimensions of the run-off zones ensure safety is maximized. 

There are four artificial hills on the track that help to diversify the track's terrain and ensure a bit more adrenaline for every driver. 


  • Track length: 5 922 m
  • Track width: 12 m.
  • Length of main straight: 900 m
  • Width of main straight: 20 m
  • Length of acceleration test track: 1 144 m
  • Width of acceleration test track: 20 m
  • Pit box dimensions: 8 x 5  and 10 x 5

The track itself can be driven in 6 different configurations. The race track complies with demanding FIM and FIA regulations for hosting prestigious international motor sports events and holds an FIA Circuit License Grade 3 for cars and an FIM Europa license for motorcycles.

The longest track configuration is 5,922 metres with a track width of 12 meters and a 20 metre wide main straight and finish line. The track is available for night-time use during the summer for individual drivers up to 8:00 PM with all-day open driving days scheduled based on the calendar of events.

Track configurations:



Variant 1
Variant 2