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Stand "A" - the grandstand: 

Stand A is the best choice if there are any doubts as to the weather conditions. This remains the only covered stand at this point in time. It provides easy access to the paddock, VIP area and a view of pit lane. Track visibility ranges from 70-90% from the grandstand and it is also closest to the starting grid. There is nothing more beautiful than listening to the motors rev at the start of a race.


Stands "B" and "C"

Prefabricated Stand B also straddles the starting line and main straight and is along its second half. This is the fastest part of the track and is followed by hardest braking into T1.  Stand B is also the largest, which means the best atmosphere as well.

Stand B offers views of the main straight as well as the inner portion of the track from the 3rd straight and into the chicane with T10 to T12 to the 4th straight. Views of T5, T6, T7 and T8 improve with higher seats.


Stand "D"

The natural Stand D hill seating area is immediately after T1. Any collisions, that take place immediately after the race has started, end up in the gravel located in front of this stand. Elevated seating near the top also has views as racing cars and bikes enter into T10 from the 3rd straight, which is a popular location for overtaking.



Stand "E" 

There are two more places for spectators in the rear section of the track. Stand E seating may be the secret trump card in terms of price and view.  The entire inner portion of the track from T4 to T9 is visible in addition to the most dramatic 2nd curve and coming out of the 2nd straight.


Stand "F"

The natural Stand "F" hill seating area is just past the 2nd straight. Dramatic braking into T3 after going all out through the straight is something you have to see with your own eyes. You can watch the racers all the way up to T6 with the added bonus of watching them come out of the 4th straight at full throttle up until the next to last curve at T13 and as they come out onto the main straight.

Regular binoculars are an excellent choice, even though most of the track is visible to the naked eye. Binoculars really help uncover a lot of hidden details.  Race speaker commentary is clearly audible from the public announce system at all the stands and is sure to give your race experience an added dimension. It's also a better idea to sit here with a poncho, rather than an umbrella, in case of inclement weather. Races are a thrill and grand adventure for the future race drivers among us but don't forget to bring appropriate hearing protection. The revving of the motors can be very loud, in particular if you are close to the track.

It is also a good idea to check the weather forecast before coming to the track.



Entry into the paddock area can also be purchased during events. The race teams set up their shops in this area. The paddock is home to everything and everyone involved in the preparation of the race cars and motorcycles, including the drivers themselves.

Panoramic view of the entire complex: http://www.virtualtravel.cz/slovensko/slovakia-ring.html