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A new improved off-road polygon with more than 20 different challenging obstacles is located close to the racing circuit. It offers perfect conditions for testing and comparing 4x4 vehicles, product training, journalistic presentations or corporate events. Stable and unstable obstacles of various character are in the area  gravel, water, mud, wood logs, stones or water ford. Hardened uphill roads, downhills and side tilts test the vertical and horizontal stability of the vehicle, along with the vehicle's ride height and its approach, crossing and departure angles.

Off-road rides are a perfect opportunity for corporate events and teambuilding. You can bring your own cars or borrow ours. We offer off-road vehicles tailored to the field, with the instructor in each vehicle, which together guarantee a unique adrenaline experience.


OFF-ROAD area facilities

·         Year-round operation                 

·         Night driving with artificial LED illumination

·         Free WiFi (base)

·         Parking and place for the background

·         Fenced area with camera monitoring

Leonard Hrobárek
Sales & Event Manager
Mobil: +421 915 737 455


Operation area:

Ladislav Csukás


mobil: +421 907 762 929

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